Welcome to the long version of me explaining who I am and what I do.
After some years in different design agencies as web- and graphicdesigner I ended up founding my own webdesign agency.

I used to do all kind of design in the beginning, but after all I decided to set my main focus on creating websites for small businesses. When I was in school I started with designing my portfolio with Adobe Muse. I moved to WordPress right after and now I'm also working with Webflow (like I did on this website). I was excited about nocode apps right from the start and I'm very curious how it will improve in the next few years.

I'm a self taught illustrator who loves to explore new styles. My illustrations are hardly influenced by anime, digital art and traditional media. I have a passion for artbooks and old school anime. The best way to get to know me as person is through my illustrations and my blog. Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any questions? Let's chat!
I am always open for exciting projects. Don‘t hesitate to contact me!